what types of people turn you off? 

You don’t want to be around people you dislike. Makes your skin crawl whenever they are around. It’s not that you hate people per se, it has something to do with their behavior or attitude or personality. 

This article is not about judging people’s characteristics. This will serve as an eye opener for all of us. Makes us evaluate ourselves. 

Humans are social beings. Nobody lives in a hermit style (hope not). People interact with each other all the time. Unfortunately, there are some types of people that are hard to deal with. Aware or unaware, people act in some manners that turn people off or away.

Let’s enumerate some.


types of people you dislike:

a woman with an open mouth denoting a non stop talking


  Have you ever come across somebody who likes to talk and talk and talk? They will not quit. They like to hear their voice all the time. This type of people like to interrupt while somebody is still talking. You may not be able to finish a sentence. They like to talk over you.



a lady who doesn\'t admit being bossy


  “Do this, do that. I want it now. Do as I say”. Would you like to be around someone like this? This type of people like to  lord it over you.  They have a very domineering personality. They like to feel in charge. And some people are serious in this act that they will institute bullying if need be.

a wide-eyed monkey similar to a person who has an eye for finding faults


 ” You’ve done something wrong. You missed a spot. It is all your fault. ” These are some familiar words coming from a faultfinder. And you can never do anything right and precise. Even if you try so hard, your very best is  not enough. This type of personality will always find the littlest fault and they sure know how to spot it.

a written warning that says \


 This people feel and think they are living a holy perfect life. They like to point fingers at people who, according to them, are not living a life that is morally acceptable. I wonder if they know this verse from the Bible:  JOHN 7:24?



a graffity that spelled the word ME


 I believe “leech” is a more appropriate description to this type of people that you may dislike. They are the type that don’t open their wallet come sharing time. Are you familiar with the phrase: “give me, give me”? They are only interested in your friendship if they can get something out of you. 

a dump person who cannot understand the things that you say


Some people just don’t have the ability to understand stuffs. They don’t have a clue whatsoever with what’s going on. I doubt it if they have common sense at all. You have to literally explain things step by step. They are missing out on comprehension.

a proud looking guy showcasing his high dollar suit


 A  braggart  is different from an arrogant person. This type of people want to be on top all the time. They want to look good. It has something to do with status quo, maybe. They like to showcase who they are and what stuffs they got. Boastful is another term I would use to describe such people.

an old telephone as opposed to using a modern day cell phone


This is a type of person that is not interested in modern technology and equipment. What if you are a nerd or a futuristic person? How can you convince somebody who prefers to stick to “primitive” gadgets, to be open to digital toys? 

figuring out how to use a camera and is not interested in your help


 Imagine having a conversation with somebody who says “I know” every single time. You try to teach them something, they’ll tell you they already knew it. It is too tempting to be sarcastic when I am talking to a “know it all” person. Makes me feel I am stupid!

a show off arrogant person, a type of person you may dislike


I will be the first person to run away from this type of individuals. They tend to be the authority in everything. Conceited is a good description for this kind. They like to magnify who they are and show off what they have. 

a liar who possess different kinds of face just to tell a lie


One would be a fool to take the word of a serial liar. I don’t know what do they gain from lying. What I am pretty sure is they don’t have a lot of friends. Liars put on different  kinds of faces. One is the truth and the other is the lie. 

a lady wearing a suggestive attire in a flirtatious pose


You are entering the world of temptation if you entertain people like this. What about blackmail and scandal? It is hard to figure out why people flirt. One possible reason could be that there’s a physical attraction. Another could be just to play. It’s also possible to have a dirty motivation. 

3 ladies engaged in serious gossiping, a type of people you dislike


Would you like to be around a gossiper? You’ll be endangering your integrity each time you make a move. How would you like to be the star of the next gossip, the scoop? This is the type of people you don’t want to mess around with.

a nosy person who want to be in the know all the time about everything


 Some people just need to be in the know about everything around them. Talk about invasion of privacy. They pry even into your own personal life. I wonder if this is somewhat similar to being a gossiper? 

a person who is negative and pessimistic is a type of person one may dislike


This is the negative type of people. They see no hope in the horizon. They can’t see any bright future for them. It is like a sickness. It is hard for them to move forward in life. 

a snob is one person you may dislike

a snob

However you want to define snob, it sums up to something like this: ” I am better than you. ” Most of the time this type don’t want to be associated with people of lesser class. 

a grumpy type is a person I dislike


This type is the opposite of a person who is cheerful. The face is too difficult to draw. They seem to be having a bad mood all the time.

a lazy person lying down on the couch all day is a type of person I dislike


 How would you describe someone who’d rather starve than cook? I wonder what kind of cleanliness they practice inside their homes.


 Sometimes it is difficult to be yourself whenever you don’t see eye to eye with someone else. If you point out a person’s “bad” character, they’ll come back and point their finger back at you. It is too tempting to behave the same way they do, just to go with the flow. 

You just have to use your discernment. Nobody is perfect. Each one of us has character flaws. You can choose to surround yourself with people you know so well. And just be careful with new faces, new friends, new acquaintances. 

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Till next post.