You want to write but you can’t. What is stopping you?  What seems to be the problem?  

All my previous posts contain lots of raw materials, topics that you could choose from, ideas you can use in your blog. This is what my website is all about, to give you niches, topics and ideas so you can go ahead and jumpstart your writing career. But you seem to be facing some difficulties.

I would like to take a break from listing more topics to choose from. In this post I would like to mention some of the problems and obstacles that a blogger could possibly face. It is a very good idea to lay it out in the open. In one way or another bloggers will come across a stopping point. Let’s do some self-examination, shall we?




Have you been doing a lot of strenuous activities? Are your muscles sore and can hardly move? What about your brain, is it exerting too much energy that it is too hard to think? Are you emotionally drained it is difficult to function both physically and mentally? 


Too much worries in life can significantly affect concentration. What kind of burdens are you carrying? Is it job related, family issues or maybe health concerns? Grabbing a pen and a paper is a struggle if in the back of your mind you have other priorities.


You set a goal to write a post everyday. It is clockwork. You expect yourself to produce a blog each and every single day. You are getting tired of the routine. All work and no play, no break. Is this your case? Another scenario could be that you have been writing for so long you lost all inclination to write. The passion is gone.


Have you noticed while writing your material you are not having fun anymore? Is your brain telling you there is more life than here in your chair sitting in front of the computer composing your rough draft? Are you wanting to do something else instead? 


This is an obstacle that is hard to beat. Does the sickness require bed confinement? Do you have to check in with your physician regularly? Were you prescribed plenty of rest and avoid mental exertion?


If you depend on blogging alone as a source of income, money will be hard to come by, most especially for beginners. Will you have enough money to pay house note or rent? Where will you get money to buy groceries, pay bills, fuel for vehicle, insurance, heat and air, not to mention clothes and schooling?


However much you try if you are not inspired you can never grab a pen and a paper to write a draft. Everything around you seems dull and no color at all. You can’t get any idea to write about because there is nothing that interests you. It’s the opposite if you are inspired, you have tons of nouns and adjectives and verbs to describe your material.


Tomorrow I will write one post. Here comes tomorrow: no, maybe I will write on the weekend, I think better on weekends. Here comes the weekend: nada, zip, empty. This is the one I am guilty the most. Perhaps you have tons of rough drafts lying around everywhere but never get to finalize them. You always wait for that certain mood. 


You have in your possession loads of finished materials and just waiting to get published. But you can’t seem to hit that button. You have fears your posts won’t be good enough. You are afraid nobody will read them. Deep in your heart maybe your materials are loaded with errors. Maybe you feel you need a proofreader to finalize all your work.


Whenever you go grocery shopping you are faced with tons of different products to choose from. It’s the same thing when your brain is loaded with so many ideas to write about. Which one to tackle first? What is the best topic to explore? You don’t want to overlook some other ideas. The more you prolong your brainstorming, the longer it will take to start and eventually finish a post. 


Differencebetween.com explains very well the meaning of exhaustion. It compared the 2 words tired vs. exhausted. They are kind of similar but only differs in the degree of tiredness. 


This is the worst case scenario for a blogger. You have an excellent topic for a post. You have a pen in your hand and a pad of paper in front of you, but you’re not writing. Why? Your brain suddenly became empty! Where did the idea go? You just had it a moment ago. However much you pound your head, it is not releasing anything to write about. Ugh! Life of a blogger.


Bloggers and competent writers abound everywhere. Some have a large following and some are authorities in their fields. You feel so small and think you don’t have a chance to stand out in the crowd. Much of your work are kept in your drawer. You don’t have it in you to compete and draw attention to your own work. 


If you are like me, I freeze when faced with a deadline for work submission. I get anxious. I can’t think. How do you deal with a deadline? Do you hire someone else to finish your work? Do you just give up and not worry about finishing your work anymore? 


Some people can never do a good job if they are surrounded with clutters. If you don’t have a way of organizing your rough drafts, how can you proof read all your materials? What if you misplace one page? You have so many errands and chores to do, how will you add writing time in between? It will be difficult to spare a moment or two if you cannot organize your schedule for each day.


Children playing and fighting in the background. The tea kettle is whistling. The baby is crying in the crib. The pantry needs refilling. Laundry is piled up high plus ironing chore. The house needs cleaning. The phone is constantly ringing. What else? The bills need to be paid either today or tomorrow. Can you picture yourself in this scenario? Will you still find time to write a post?


You have chosen a topic to write about. You don’t know how to begin much worse, how to end your post. Where will you get all the supporting documents? What kind of images are appropriate for your blog? Do you need to interview an authority? What kind of research needed to complete the article? You can’t seem to organize everything because although your heart is in the material but your knowhow is limited.




Are you suffering from any of the above problems and obstacles as a writer/blogger? Have I missed anything? I hate to admit it but I, myself, am guilty in 2 or 3 of the above circumstances. I am supposed to publish 2 blogs this past week and I never did. I just can’t seem to focus on my writing. 

Have you noticed something? After reading this post, you suddenly have an urge to write! Write about why you can’t grab a pen and a paper. Share what you feel, where you are emotionally and physically. Relate to your readers what circumstances you are having at the moment that is stopping you from finishing an article! And read more ideas to write about in my topics gallery.

I hope that by laying out all possible problems and obstacles a blogger/writer may encounter, you’ll find yourself not giving up. Keep writing. Keep posting. Come back to this site each time you need a topic to write about. See you till next post!