Status quo and socio-economic background play a role in society that cause people to choose where they live. There is a love/hate relationship between people and their habitat. Some are happy and content with the house they live in. Some wished they could change their environment. And some are just stuck and don’t have a choice but to stay put. Let’s take a look at some habitations where people live.

I live in A FARM

For some folks, this is the most ideal place to live. Fresh air, lots of vegetation, wild animals often come and visit and there’s an abundance of domesticated animals. There’s not a lot of traffic, both vehicles and people. It’s a quite environment. Did you come from the city originally that you decided it is time for a change of scenery? How far are you from the city? Was it a shock to live in a farm? What kind of house did you get? What amenities do you have in the farm: barn, wide field, a nearby stream or river? I bet this is like living in paradise!


Let’s accept the fact that not everybody can afford to buy a house and lot. One solution to this dilemma is to acquire an old school bus and turn it into a functional livable space. You can purchase a small lot in the country side where there are no house restrictions and park the school bus. If this is your case, share the details on how you went about renovating the bus. How much did you pay for it? Did you do the renovation yourself? Did you hire professionals instead? Was it cheaper to live in a bus versus a brick home? 

I live in the city

Say something about yourself: single, married, student, senior. Why are you in the city? What are you doing in the city: school, work, retired, starting a new life, temporary residence? Where did you live before going to the city? Look back and describe the kind of home you had; the job you use to do back there. Were you happy in your former residence? Why did you have to leave your old place? It will be a good idea to mention the steps you took prior to moving in to this new place. Did you hire a real estate agent? Did you depend on the local newspaper or online real property sites?

Tell your story on moving day. Did you find the best moving company? Or you just piled all your stuffs in the back of your vehicle? Of course you may decide to mention the unpacking party. What did you do on your first day living in the city? Is city life what you really wanted? Mention all the qualities of the city that attracted you to it. Do you live in a house or an apartment? How is your neighborhood: noisy, crowded, simple, quiet? You can add more to your post as you look around your property and add more description to your story. Maybe end your line saying  you are happy and that  you made the right decision.


Let’s say you have all the money in this world that you can choose anywhere to live. What will be your criterion of the best suitable place for someone like you: high rise complex, exclusive gated community, built in tennis court, separate runway for your airplane, wide garage building exclusively for your car collections. You could go on and on with the list as far as the funding can afford. What other choices did you have aside from narrowing it down to a high rise condo or mansion? Have you thought of a ranch and building your own mansion there? I know, maybe you have a collection of houses in so many different locales that each one is a mansion or better, a palace. Do you live by yourself or you have a family? I really don’t know how to tackle this topic since I am not in that high society group. So it is up to you what you want your readers to know about your high dollar nest.


 Are you the type that love to travel and don’t want to stay put? What’s the size of your rv? Wikipedia describes what is a  recreational vehicle . What is your favorite state to visit? Have you experienced any inconvenience along the way? Are you happy living in an rv? What made you decide to live in an rv? I guess you are retired from work already that you can travel anywhere you want to and anytime. Share how it’s like to be on the road all the time? I bet you have a compilation of photos of all the places you’ve been. Personally speaking, I would love to travel around the US in an rv. I will have to look at my finances if it is feasible.


I Live in Jail, in Prison

I don’t have any ill intention when I included this place of habitat.

Everyone has a voice in any society.  You may want to introduce yourself, share anything about yourself. Share your personal life history prior to your sentencing. Tell something about your family, job, children if you have some. How did you get involve in a very unfortunate event. Relate how the prosecution went through. Maybe end that part of the story with “that’s how and why I am here, in prison.”

If you want to, you can share briefly what happened when you entered the compound. Give a description of your room. That’s the term I prefer to use here. Up to you. How’s your roommate? Did you find your inner circles right away? Did it take long to develop friendships with some folks? Maybe you want to share your everyday routine. How long did it take to get fully adjusted to your new place? Do you have regular visitation days? It is up to you what message you want to convey to your readers. And tell your readers, you’re hanging in there and that you’ll be alright until you join the outside again.

I Live In A Boat

Describe the kind of houseboat you live in. How many are you? Is it by choice that you live in a houseboat? Share your story before ending up here: introduce yourself, your family, income resources, economic background. Is it love of the water why you chose this? Don’t you  have any fear for hurricanes, typhoons, strong winds, tropical storms? Do you have easy access to hospitals, malls, supermarket, school, your job (if any), relatives? Do you stay put in one place or you propel to go try different marinas? Maybe you can share your story while on board during strong storms. Were you born and raised in a houseboat? And maybe you have no idea at all how it’s like to live in a concrete house. Or you could be the opposite: you’re a rich folk and have your own colossal yacht. Why do you prefer to live in a big boat/yacht versus a mansion or a palace? Show some photos of the boat. It’s like giving your readers a tour of your chosen abode. Why not?









I Live Out of the CountrY



 Share why do you have to go and live overseas. Go ahead and proceed with the description of your new habitat. Is it in the city, farmland, in a house, in an apartment? How’s the local folks? Did you experience culture shock? How did you find your way around? Describe your present neighborhood, the food, the local people, the market, the school, the job environment? Share how you feel being surrounded with people totally different from you. How long did it take for you to finally get adjusted to your new home? It is always exciting to find and see new places, to try local cuisine, adapt to the local culture. There are so many things that can be written about living abroad. Make it original. Share something fun, exciting, adventures and newfound friends. It is best if you could share photos of all the places you’ve been to. Take your readers with you even in pictures only. They would surely love that!




Questionnaires are only for your guides, leads or starter points. You may have a different approach on how to run your story. I hope you’ll find a topic or two for a material for your next writing project.

Till next time, I will post more niches, topics and ideas. Take your time to pick and choose a topic and just have fun writing your materials. You won’t run out of ideas because I will share more. You don’t necessarily have to follow the pointers here. They are just suggestions to tickle your mind to explore all possible scenarios.Till then. Please come back anytime.