I am like everybody else, I have my fears. I am afraid of a lot of stuffs. But I have my own self-cure for all my fears. Most people use the words fear and afraid synonymously and interchangeably. I, for one, am guilty of this. The website differencebetween.com clearly explained the meaning and the proper usage of fear and afraid.

I listed here all my personal fears, things and stuffs that make me afraid. I don’t want to live my life in this unwanted feeling so I developed my own self-cure. This may not work for everybody. These are my fears and the diy/self-cure works for me. You may have your own way of combatting your own fears. You may want to share them with your readers. It may help somebody who is suffering from the same dilemma. 



Am I funny or not? The back and forth motion makes me sick at my stomach. I can feel the contents of my tummy shaking rigorously. I feel nauseated. Working in front of the computer requires me to use a swivel chair. I am afraid I will tumble down anytime I am in that chair. I have the fear of getting hurt. So what do I do? I see to it that both of my feet are flat on the floor. This way I can control the movement of the chair. Also, I don’t ever lean back. This forces me to sit up straight which helps me maintain good posture. I know this type of fear caused by a swivel chair is unheard of, but that’s me.



Or should I say winding road? The way I feel is somewhat similar to sitting in a rocking/swivel chair. I don’t mind driving in a straight long road. But when the road starts to curve, most especially in an almost perfect circle, my head starts to spin. I feel like vomiting. All the food contents of my tummy want to climb up my chest. I am always afraid that the car door would swing open and throw me out in the middle of a congested traffic. I have the fear of getting run over by any vehicle. So what do I do? Before going on a trip, I study the road map. If I see no winding/curvy road then I will proceed with the trip. My other option is to ask somebody else to drive if the road is curvy. And as a passenger I close my eyes. You may consider this as something minor. But if you’re the sufferer, this is not a joke at all. 



I am afraid of big body of water. I admit I can’t swim. Maybe you’ll say I shouldn’t be afraid of a river or a stream of water. It is small in size compared to an ocean or bay. I want to be honest but I am more afraid of a stream versus the ocean. Whenever I stand right in the water, my head would start to spin. What happens next is I am on my knees crawling. Isn’t that funny? Even if the height of the water is ankle deep, I would rather be in a sitting position than standing straight up. I have the fear of drowning. So what do I do? Of course, I will never ever step on the water in the first place. I can just admire the brook from the bank. If I have to be in the water, I will ask for somebody to hold my hand. I need to be sure someone is there beside me to catch me when I start to crawl. And I definitely need to learn how to swim. Maybe that’s the reason why I feel dizzy when I am in the water: I am afraid to drown!



If I have to choose between an electric and gas stove, I will definitely pick the electric stove. The coils turning hot red don’t bother me at all. The live and dancing fire in a gas stove disturbs me a lot. The fire always play a trick in my brain. I feel like the stove is going to explode and burn the house! Just the thought alone terrifies me to death. I have the fear of house fire. Each time I see a gas stove, the thought of a house burning automatically enters my mind. I’m afraid to even touch the stove. What do I do? Obviously, don’t buy a gas range. If in a case where it’s the only thing available, I will only cook if somebody is right there in the kitchen with me. If I am by myself, there’ll be no cooking at all. Better be safe than be sorry. That’s my motto.



I am a born-again believer. I read my Bible almost everyday. But it doesn’t mean I know a lot. I am not a Bible scholar, I am just a student of the Word. I get nervous and terrified whenever I am asked to lead a Bible study group. Come sharing time I am afraid I don’t have all the answers. I have the fear of not knowing what to say. What do I do? First and foremost is to come to God in prayer and ask for wisdom and knowledge. Secondly, study the material religiously. Don’t just read. Research and analyze the topic. I have to bear in mind that I don’t have all the answers in this world. That it is ok to admit and just say politely that I will make a research on the subject and will get back to them the next meeting. And never pretend I know it all. I will be fooling myself and that will not make my God happy. 



It is the worst feeling in the world to hold an empty wallet. In a deprived and slow economy this is always expected even if you work 3 jobs. Still not enough to pay all bills and buy groceries. I am afraid there won’t be enough dough to cover all monthly expenses. I have the fear of collection agencies knocking at my door everyday. What do I do? Obviously don’t spend too much and beyond my ability to pay. Don’t ever go to the grocery store without a list. Plan the meals for the whole week. Don’t buy any unnecessary items. Quit eating out. Cook homemade meals only. Cut vacation trips. And many other sacrifices. This may be hard to do but with patience and contentment, a little green will come a long way.



Everybody yawns. It is normal to yawn. Funny for me because I pay too much attention each time I yawn. I am afraid my mouth won’t close again. Isn’t that ridiculous? But that’s me, I am always conscious each time I feel like I am going to have to yawn. It disturbs me a lot to have the  fear of having a deformed face. What if my  mouth stayed wide open after a long yawn? I will have to go to the hospital and who knows what procedure doctors would do to my jaws! I am getting paranoid just typing these stuffs. What do I do? Every time I yawn, I consciously open my mouth wide open. I wanted to be sure it will close back to normal. To make my jaws strong, I  perform facial exercises. Nothing special really. With lips close I would wiggle my mouth from left to right at least 20 times. With mouth open, I pretend I am biting something without my upper and lower teeth not touching. That’s my original exercise.



EAT fish with bones

Coming from Asia, I should be familiar on how to eat fish with bones. I am not use to filleting a fish. Some other countries are surprised that we cook fish with head and all. Of course, we clean the inside thoroughly first, removing all gills and scales. But for me I am leery of the countless bones in a fish. What if I miss getting rid of even just one bone? It will get stuck in my throat! I am afraid there is no other way of pulling it out of my throat except to undergo surgery. I have the fear of undergoing major surgery. What do I do? Number one for me would be to fillet the fish. That is one sure thing all the bones are gone. But fish tastes better if is cooked with bones in it. If this is the case, I will take my time pulling out all the bones even if it takes forever, before I put a piece in my mouth. In times where I am not in the mood to pulling out bones, I just have to eat some other source of protein, maybe chicken or beef.  





These are all my personal fears. I have to combat them one way or another. Nothing extravagant. Just simple self-cure and they work for me. What are you afraid of? What fears do you have ? How do you battle against them? Wikipedia lists all kinds of fears from A to Z. If you are not sure how to call your fear, read through the list. When you write your article explain why you have those fears. Share the ways you combat them. Don’t think your fears are silly and funny, they are real.


Till next post. I will publish yet another topic that you can write about. So far I have written a lot of ideas that you can use for   material in your writing projects. It gives any writer a boost, self-confidence, knowing there is always something to write about. I have more suggestions in my future blogs. Come visit this website http://writeaboutwhat.com, anytime, anywhere, and start writing right away. Don’t forget to bookmark the site, too.