Let’s enumerate some of those chores

Do you hate chores? What is it about chores that makes us hate them? Are they hard to accomplish? Maybe they are inconveniences to us. Maybe they take up some of our precious time. Can chores be classified as burdensome, nuisances, unwanted tasks? Maybe after reading this article, the way we look at chores will change.




  • PICKUP LEAVES AND STICKS IN THE YARD: If you don’t have a yard crew to do this task that will be a big chore most especially if you have a big property. What if it is sweltering hot outside? Do you want to schedule this hated chore on a weekend when everybody is at home to do this job altogether? If you live in a subdivision, most homeowners keep their yard clean. You might as well do the same thing. 

  • MAKE THE BED: This is one of the most hated chores I believe. Wouldn’t it be nice just to get up in the morning, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and leave for school/work? But oh, that dreaded heavy blanket! Position the pillows and tuck the sheets accordingly. The bed skirt should flow nice and neat. Have you ever timed yourself how fast can you do your bed?

  • DUSTING: Oh, those dreaded cobwebs! Can’t get rid of them all at once. Dusts seem to stick around all the time no matter how faithful you are in doing this hated chore. They like to gather around your knickknacks and mostly behind the furniture. Some people are allergic to dusts and there is no choice but to schedule a regular dusting party. Or else, suffer!   

  •  DO THE DISHES: If you are using a dishwasher, you can include here the chore of putting up the dishes once the cycle is finished. This is one of my most hated chores, I admit. It involves your body bending up and down. There are times when my muscles are sore and stiff any little movement is a chore in itself. What if you have to do the dishes by hands? What if you are in a hurry to do something else? There is a chance of breaking a glass if you’re not careful.

  • LAUNDRY: Doing the laundry involves sorting out according to colors, type of materials, get rid of stains, how many clothes to load so as not to overload, program the washing machine, decide whether one rinse will suffice, and think of what to do while waiting for the washer to finish its job. How many times in a day or a week do you do laundry? If you’re like me, once a load is piled up, I would right away tackle to empty my laundry basket. Why wait till the weekend? Ironing anyone?



  • COMMUTE TO WORK: What time do you need to be at work? Do you carpool, use the subway train, bus or drive your own car? Most of the time it is so hard getting up in the morning and you feel tired and don’t feel like going to work. Monday blues anyone? The traffic is horrible. What if you are late? Did you put gas in the tank? That would be a headache if you run out of gas! Work is fine, it’s just the commute that is a chore.
  • SUBMIT TO THE BOSS: How do you like to work for a boss who is loud and a bully? It is hard to perform a job and please the authority at the same time. Would you agree with me that submission is a hard task to perform? Whether you like it or not, obedience is expected of you at work regardless. Unfortunately you can’t fire yourself if this is the only job you’re depending on to survive.
  • CHIT CHAT WITH UNWANTED COLLEAGUE: Be honest, not everyone in the office or job site is a friend, right? But to keep peace at work and with everybody, you pretend to be friendly. And it is a chore to even say “hello”. It is so difficult to hide what you really feel against somebody who doesn’t appeal to you. Much worse, you have to work side by side with people you don’t really like. 
  • ORGANIZE DESK: When concentration is at stake, a very organized desk is a must. A cluttered workstation reduces a person’s productivity, I would say. Besides, what kind of impression are you giving to the people around you? Well, if they are like you, maybe you want to set a good example by decluttering your spot. Make the Boss happy. This is a hated task most especially if you have a deadline to beat. 
  • MEET DEADLINES: How good are you with meeting deadlines? Do you beg for somebody’s help to lessen your workload? Sometimes it helps to bring home some of the work. Or maybe you stay late in the office to speed things up. I have the habit of freezing up when it comes to meeting deadlines. My brain won’t work intelligibly. I produce crappy job. What about you? To beat your deadline is a difficult task and it is a must. What if the company is depending on your report to keep the business afloat? That is a big responsibility to shoulder. 




  • GROCERY SHOPPING: Don’t get me wrong, not everyone hates this chore. But majority of grocery shoppers dread going to the store for so  many valid reasons. Most stores have little isles. There’s always a long queue at the check out register. Some shoppers are inconsiderate by blocking isles with their shopping cart. It is hard to find a parking space. Grabbing the cart’s handle is risky, talking about germs.  

  • HONEY DO LIST: Your spouse handed you a list of tasks that need to be done.  Faucet is leaking. The grass needs mowing. You need a haircut. The hedge needs trimming. Wash the car. Take the pooch to the vet. The list goes on and on and on. What if you want to go fishing with your buddies? Or play golf in the country side? You can procrastinate but the list will always be there waiting. You hated most of the chores listed but do you have a choice? 

  • EXERCISE: If you are trying to reach a goal, as much as you hate exercising, you will perform those dreaded moves. It is hard to follow an exercise regimen if you have more important stuffs to do. Do you go to a gym? Do you toggle between household chores and exercise? One reason some hate to exercise is they don’t see results. It is frustrating. 

  • TAXES, TAXES, TAXES: Gather all receipts, cash flow, expenses, proof of vehicle mileage, double check the ledger and so many other documentations needed to file your tax. One of the most hated chores. Do you need to hire a tax preparer? Are you confident to file tax using a software? Do you elect to use the free filing program from the Irs site? Will you file for an extension or you plan to file early? Decisions!


What is your most hated chore?

Hated chores are burdensome and are usually done grudgingly. I would equate chores to a set of obligations or responsibilities. 

For a writer looking for an idea to write about, the above list is another source for your blog. You can pick one or two and get ready to expound on them. Make it personal and funny and engaging. I know I have not mentioned all types of hated chores. That can be an option for you to write about. 

Till next post. I will publish yet another set of topics for you to choose from for your blog. Bookmark the topics gallery for your handy list of materials to write about.