Are You Bored? Do You Have Plenty of Time in Your Hands?


What do people do to kill time when there is nothing else to do? Each one of us has a favorite activity to pass the time away. We want to entertain ourselves. Some are hilarious and some are just plain crazy. I, myself, is guilty in one of them.





What is your everyday routine? Do you finish them all in a jiffy? What happens after you’ve done all the chores? Of course, you look for something else to do. And there’s none. So the rest of the afternoon will be just you and the time passing away. But hey, there’s the tv in the living room waiting for some company. Hogan’s Heroes is my favorite tv series to watch. And I am going to watch from season 1 till season 4, just until it is time to prepare supper. What about you, how long can you watch tv NON STOP?




If my brain has done a lot of thinking, I have to stop draining all my brain’s juice. I need to find something else to do. The kitchen is the best candidate to invade. The fridge has got all those yummy leftovers. But I am not in the mood to do some munching. I may go out to the yard and listen to the birds tweeting and flapping. I am not in the mood to hear any kind of sounds. I can go back to what I was originally doing, which was thinking, but I’m not ready to do that just yet. The couch, yes, fluffy smooth leather couch is very inviting. It’s telling me to get comfy and relax. That’s exactly what I did. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!




You have plenty of time to spare. You don’t answer to anyone even if you stay idle and do nothing. You are free to kill the time in whatever manner you wish. It will be a waste if you don’t spend time “wisely”, so you decided to make use of the phone and put it to work. Call somebody, anybody, regardless of whether they are busy or not. Ring!!!! You are happy to get hold of a friend or a relative, who have big ears to listen to all your woes and agonies and stuff. And before you know it, 3 hours passed by and you are still on the phone just talking away. If not for an excuse on the other end of the line, you could still be glued to the phone.




 Sometimes it is hard to choose which activity can occupy your time while idle. You want something that can enhance your brain cells and at the same time enjoy the passing of time. You happen to have video console in the house. Your cabinet is loaded with games of different assortment. You don’t mind playing by yourself. But if the cash can afford it, you’ll be willing to play against somebody online, or against a group of players. If you are the kind of player that do not enjoy interruptions of any kind, you will play your video game even until midnight. WOW! That’s a lot of energy I’d say.




The world we’re living in is so busy and mobile. Majority of the people have a cellphone/tablet of some kind. It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is on a device texting away. Even if they are busy at work, the people still can manage to chat and text at the same time. How much more if they have lots of free time in their hands? Instead of socializing with people in person they would rather just use their little fingers to click some tiny letters and dots in their gadgets. And what are they chatting about? Anything under the sun! Wifi is free and most telephone companies nowadays offer unlimited gigabytes for data. Gone are the days where you and friends can have a fish cookout in the backyard.



I know this is weird. But I am guilty of passing away idle times in my kitchen cooking and baking. Some may consider this work, not pastime. I’d rather be productive and see some results than finishing a day without any accomplishments at all of any kind. I got to stay indoor, safe from the sweltering heat of the day outside. The kitchen is like a playground where you have all kinds of cooking equipment to tinker with. And the pantry is the best place to play hide and seek. You don’t know what you can find to make an impromptu dessert, depending on the ingredients the pantry has to offer. At the end, it will be a yummy day.



STRUM GUITAR                       SKETCH/DRAW                       SHOP ONLINE


This is my favorite killer of time. What could be better than hit some blues chords and make up your own lyrics to create a song. Never a dull moment when those little fingers struck a good ol’  tune and just fiddle away. Actually if you have plenty of time in your hand to spare, you might find you can make a living out of this: song creation. Who knows, just not doing anything can bring you some dough.




You don’t need a bunch of materials to enjoy this activity. Aside from writing posts or blogs, sketching I think is another type of inner self expression. You scribble what you see in your thoughts. They come out in physical realm through a writing device and a paper. Nowadays, sketching/scribbling can be done in a computer provided it’s an added feature of your device. For me this is a very relaxing moment to pass the time away.


Don’t overlook this type of entertaining yourself when there’s nothing else to do. You have to admit this is done by all genders, regardless of age. Beware though of good deals springing everywhere. It is very tempting to buy those stuffs you don’t really need. This is another relaxing moment when the 24 hour clock is ticking its last hours for the day.







The above mentioned activities are just some of the ways people pass their time away. You, as the writer, may have some other things in mind. You can write about this topic in a totally different approach. Whatever you think will entertain your reader go for it. I plan on publishing another blog for this topic alone, a sequel to this article. I am going to ask other individuals how they spend their free time. Maybe asking first this question: why do you have free time? DUH! All work and no play is a horrible thing to say. We all need to relax and wind down once in a while. Till next post. I will publish more topics that you, aspiring and seasoned writers can write about. Don’t forget to visit always and bookmark my site: http://writeaboutwhat.com. See yah!