So, you finally decided to join the world of writing. You want to publish a book, a printed hard bound book. Or you want to join the world wide web, publish articles using the digital matrix. You are excited to start typing. It has been months or even years since you finally made up your mind you wanted to be a writer or a blogger. You have been procrastinating. Even when you are ready to write, here comes the problem: Mental blockade! This is very frustrating. I came up with my own medicine. It is so simple that I can give myself a whipping for not doing it all along. JUST MAKE A LIST. DUH!! I don’t intend to be funny. If I have a list of niches or topics I won’t run out of ideas to write about. It is my privilege to share with you my compilation that I hope will strike a fire in your heart and brain and just go for it: WRITE.




 What could be better than to start writing about yourself? You might say  there’s really nothing worth mentioning about you. Let’s do this: face the mirror. When was the last you had a conversation with yourself using your mirror? What kind of person are you looking at? Travel down memory lane: where were you born? How many siblings do you have? What’s your educational attainment? What degree did you finish? Where do you work? If unemployed, what do you do to kill your time? Share your hobbies, your belief system, your pet peeves. What are your dreams? What is your ideal vacation, where and with whom? How do you plan to retire? It is up to you to arrange your material. Write something funny and humorous. Entertain your readers, make them laugh. Inspire them. Let readers get to know you.


Be considerate with your spouse’s feelings. You might want to ask permission first if it is ok to write something about him/her and have the article published worldwide. Move on to the next topic if you are not granted permission. 
Congratulations if your spouse says ok. Maybe you want to start with your first meeting. When and where was it? How did you like the overall appearance? Where was he/she from, family background, educational attainment, job, hobbies, interests? Did you have lots of fights and make ups? Next, describe your wedding: elegant, extravagant, simple? What makes your spouse special? Are you opposites in everything? Does he/she embodies all the characteristics you are dreaming of? Chances are both of you have nothing in common. Yet you manage to keep the relationship going smoothly. Describe your spouse’s favorites, likes, dislikes, temperament, fashion, driving behavior? What kind of treatment do you receive: flowers, presents, breakfast in bed, taking out trash, clean dishes, take you out to fine dining and 5 star hotels? Actually, you can get some more ideas from the START WITH YOU segment. The only difference is instead of talking about yourself, you will tell stories about your better half. 


Do you wish to remain single for the rest of your life? Are you finding it difficult to find that ideal person? Are you very picky? What is stopping you from having a commitment? Maybe you have an ideal age for settling down. Do you sometimes get jealous with your friends who are happily married and wished you are, too? Maybe you just want your freedom all the time. Because you know once you are married, you can no longer do stuffs your own way. And that scares you to death. What is your current condition that is preventing you from tying the knot? Let’s say you are already married, can you still write about being single? Of course you can! In fact you are in a better position to share your stories. The singles group will look up to you for advice and learn something from your experience. Another way to tackle this topic is to compare singlehood vs. married life.This will be a juicy article/blog most especially if you can inject some humor in it. Of course  you have to get your point across.


A good introduction to your article would be the wedding day: when and where it was held? Were you in shock you are no longer single? Did your better half remain the same person after getting married? Have you talked about having kids? Describe your togetherness. If both of you work, how do you find time for each other? How’s your communication? Do you keep things to yourself? Did you make arrangements on how to handle household chores? Did you make a commitment to face the world together forever and against all odds? How do you maintain peace and harmony? Do hardships in life affect the way you deal with each other? Have you learned the meaning of sacrifice just to keep harmony in your home?
Remember these are just suggestions. It is up to you to arrange the chronology of your post. Make the scenes a little bit more dramatic. Add some funny events just to sandwich in between sad moments. But hurray to you if everyday is happiness and bliss and romantic. Share your secrets on what makes your marriage click and a success.


Describe your first meeting. How and when did you say ” I love you ” to each other? This leads to the next question: when did he propose for marriage? How did you come up with a specific date for the ceremony? Everybody wants to have an input. Of course a bridal shower story or a bachelor party story can be added here too. In the movies we witness all kinds of mishaps happening before the sacred day. Share your stories if you ever encounter any rocky roads.
The wedding day has finally arrived. Did everything go smoothly as planned? Were there any commotions? You might want to describe the scenes during the ceremony. Did anyone faint during the ceremony? It is up to you how to end your article. You can describe  the wedding party. Or maybe end the story with you boarding a plane or a cruise ship headed for your honeymoon somewhere special.


You may begin your story picturing just the two of you in your nest. Everyday is peace and quiet. Each of you goes to work, come home and relax. Or maybe one goes to work while the other stays home. It is like clockwork: get up in the morning, go to work, come home, go to bed. Everything is predictable.
Couples usually plan ahead of time how many children they are going to have. Many disagreements happen and compromise is the only solution. Most of the time the financial picture is the deciding factor. Could you afford 6 kids? Who will bring them to school? Any notion of homeschooling the kids? 
You used to have your own ” me time ” and suddenly it is gone, totally gone. You need to constantly watch the children. Does hiring a nanny entered your thought? How do you balance between taking care of the kids, household chores and bills? Did you ever approach your better half for a vacation or free time? Having children, you get to see and look at your ” mini you ” who resemble your looks, your eyes, your temper and behavior. At the end of the day, do you say to yourself, ” I will survive another chaotic day? ” It is all worth it.

a father with his 2 daughters and one sonPARENTING

You can have this topic a sequel to Living With Children. You suddenly realize you can assume all kinds of roles in life. You became a teacher and have to adapt quickly to that role. Kids normally fight and constantly argue, meaning you assume the role of a referee. How will you grade your patience and temper? When they get sick, aside from being their mom/dad, you play the role of a nurse or a doctor. You also found out you can be a psychologist too, or a counsellor, when your children come to you for advice, for mentoring. You are also a friend and a confidante, trusting you with their secrets and troubles. How do you deal with a stubborn child, a trouble maker, mischievous, a bully, a loner, bossy, a problem child? Do you rule with an iron fist? How did you react when you found out your child start to smoke, drink, likes to party, come home very late in the evening? 
You can write tons of books and articles just for this topic alone. Most especially if you want to share from the time they were born to the time they left your nest to go to college. Or extend that up to the time they started dating to their honeymoons and becoming grandparents. Well this would be a separate topic/niche if you wish, but it will make for a dramatic ending for your post. It is up to you.
…………………………………………………………………………TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………………………………………..

These are just few of my ideas in my list. You can pick and choose which one/s you are comfortable writing about. I could have just enumerated all the above in numerical order. But I thought by writing down some questions, some leads, it can help facilitate to start your paragraphs. It is indeed intimidating to capture in just a few words exactly what you want to convey. Answering some questions could help lead you in the right direction. Visualize mentally how you want your article/story to come out. Maybe those questionnaires I listed above will lessen the overwhelming job of gathering your materials to complete  your very first article. Give yourself a pat in the back. Enjoy your new found calling: a freelancer, a writer.
I suggest you bookmark this website or add this to your favorites so it will come in handy for reference whenever you get ready to write your post. I have a long list of niches/topics that you can get your ideas from. I prefer to post them section by section so that you, my readers, will not be overwhelmed and feel like you are being bombarded with so many topics. It is good to read and digest at the same time. If you just scan through, you might miss an idea which could probably be your best article yet ever. So it is good to take things slowly but surely. HAPPY WRITING!!!!!!!!