This article enumerates a number of possible memorable moments in a person’s life. I am not talking about those events that are sad and unfortunate. I will list only those what you may call a “feel good” moment. Those unhappy memories will fall into a different category in one of my future blogs. Whenever you get ready, let’s read on.




Majority of people call themselves Christians. They believe as long as they are not bad and are doing good works, they are Christians. Those that kneel and pray before a graven  wooden statue, they consider themselves Christians. (Leviticus 26:1 forbids making and bowing to images. Exodus 20:3-4 is part of the 10 Commandments, talking about not making idols). It was Jesus Who said:” You must be born-again.” (John 3:7)

How is your life before conversion. Describe your family background and belief system. How did you hear the word “born-again”? In Jesus’ time they are called the Followers of the Way. When was that moment you finally succumbed to the calling of the LORD? This is called a personal testimony. You share your life story before you became a born-again Christian. Add to the story your life’s changes after you became a believer. The apostle Paul did this where he told his listeners how he was seriously rounding up all who follow Jesus to be persecuted, followed by his story on how he met JESUS on the road to Damascus. (Acts 22). Give emphasis on the changes in your life when you became a believer. Are you proud to be called a Born-again Christian? Are you willing to testify in a crowd about your belief? How will you react if somebody calls you a Jesus freak? This is your happiest moment in life. All uncertainties in life answered. You experience a different kind of peace. Although troubles abound your faith in Jesus keeps you strong and joyful. You have an overwhelming trust and faith in the person of Jesus Christ. And being His child is your happiest moment.



Pick this topic if you consider this your most memorable event. Begin your story with a background of yourself, your age, and year in school. Describe your favorite vehicle to drive. Share how you have been itching to get behind the wheel. Where and how did you get your driver’s license? Did you memorize all the rules from the DMV book? Did you have to go to driving school? Make your article hilarious and engaging by sharing your stories behind the wheel. Were you nervous, excited or anxious to get over with all these learning stuff? Did you pass the exam on the first try? When you failed, what actions did you do to prepare for the next exam? How many times did you fail and retake the exam? Relate in detail the actual driving test, how it went through. You must be the happiest person alive when you received your driver’s license. Now say something about your vehicle. Show some pictures if possible. Was it new or used? Where did you go for the very first time with your car? Did you have a party to celebrate this happy moment?


birth of first born child

Say something about your family: how did you meet, when did you get married, where are you residing now? Do you work or stayed home as a plain housewife? When and how did you find out you are carrying a precious angel? Were you excited? Was he ready? Share how the whole clan received the good news? Describe your days and months of pregnancy. How does it feel to have a baby in your tummy? Did it feel weird, heavy, stretching, big? What about the first time dad, how did you look at your wife: ugly, fat, sweet, loud, argumentative, not appealing? What kind of preparations did both of you make to make way for the arrival of the baby? Painted the room, bought a brand new crib, bought a lot of diapers and powders and lotions, maybe.Tell your readers the rewarding experience of having an addition to the family? How did the whole clan welcome the new born baby? Maybe you want to end the story on the changes in your domestic life when the baby joined the formerly quiet home.



Start your article describing you and your family background. How did going out of the country enter the picture? Is it part of a promotion? Is it honeymoon? Is this your first trip out of the country? Going overseas is definitely an overwhelming experience for first timers. You may be wondering if everybody speaks English. You kept thinking about local cuisine. Did you have to get vaccinated as a precautionary measure? I bet you can hardly sleep at night due to excitement. Tell some details on your way to the airport. How long did you have to wait before boarding? Where were you seated? How long was the flight? Did you bring your camera and video cam to capture everything? When you arrived at your destination, share your story from  the part where you get your luggage to arriving at your hotel. Point out if you are staying in a hotel or you are accommodated by a local family or friends to stay with them. Jet lag maybe? To make the most out of your trip, surely you have listed all your itineraries per day. Did you hire a tourist guide or you were with a tourist group? Did you take pictures on every single turn? That’s what excitement will get you. What’s the duration of your trip? Be sure to share your story about your homeward bound trip.



You have been with your company for centuries and you are still in the same position as you first started. What’s up with that? You were diligent and loyal. You believe you are an exceptional asset to the company. You religiously report for work rain or shine. This could be a good starter for your post. It sounded like you are bitter and unhappy with what’s going on. But you dare not question the bosses for fear of I don’t know, getting fired? So you just kept quiet. The longer you stay with the company, the higher is your expectation of an upcoming promotion. Years passed, and I mean, a lot of years. Then one day, the most awaited day, came. Bam! You are shown to your new desk for a higher managerial position! Now how did that feel? I bet you can’t wait to call your family and announce the news. Share how you celebrated the most memorable event after waiting for eternity. Maybe in a brief paragraph try to compare your former position versus your newly acquired position.



Your real estate agent worked diligently to find you a new home. You worked hand in hand in the selection of possible houses to look at. You are not sure whether you’ll be granted a mortgage loan. You try to gather all your finances to come up with a down payment. And, oh, add to that the tons of paperwork to submit. The agony of the unknown is killing you. When you found the house that you like, somebody beat you to it. So you have to start the search all over again. Then here comes the good news: mortgage granted. You found the perfect home. Describe the feeling of owning your new home! It should be a memorable event for you, ending all the rigorous work of finding and finally buying the house. Congratulations. Maybe begin your article with the description of your former home and share how you wanted your new house to be. Then end with a relieved note in your tone.



You have waited for this moment a long time. From kindergarten to senior high, that’s a long wait. You spent so many years acting like you’re still the baby of the house. You did your best in school hoping not to be left behind. You were serious with your homework. Studied religiously to get high grades. Never went to school late. You were trained since childhood about self discipline and hard work. And here comes the high school graduation. At last! How did you find your college, university? How many applications have you gone through before you landed on the university you’ve chosen? What kind of celebration did you do or get after graduation? Did you go overseas on a trip, on a cruise? Did you receive a car for a gift? Let’s take a trip to your dorm, your campus. Does it feel like you are now a fully legit grown up individual? This is a higher level of challenges. Welcome to the world of responsibilities!



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