Part of house hunting is checking out all the amenities offered by the seller. For me amenities are some of the reasons why you are buying the house in particular. It is like answering the question: what makes you want to buy that house? This article will try to enumerate all possible amenities that a homebuyer look for. 



How important is the swimming pool to you and your family? You must be aware that this amenity adds a chunk of money to the price of the house. See to it that the pool has some privacy and not exposed to the public eye. If none, then you have to consider the amount of money involved in putting up some kind of fencing or bushes. Are you satisfied how and where the pool is situated in the property? Did you like the color? Depending on the size of your family, the size of the pool will be part of the consideration. 



2. attached car garage

For me, this is on top of the list to look for when I am house hunting. I don’t want my car or truck to be exposed to the UV ray. If there is no car garage then I will have to shoulder the bill in constructing a garage. This type of amenity adds value to the property. And I think, garage makes a house look beautiful. The man of the house usually likes to spend a lot of time here. It is like an “office” to the guys. Also, a garage is a multi-function area of a house. You can turn half of the space into a storage. It could be used for some “dirty” jobs. It is also a spot for an expensive motorcycle or that fiberglass fishing boat. 




Not all homebuyers are comfortable living in a zero lot line property. There are reasons why some prefer to have a lot of elbow room. Plant a vegetable garden and raise some chickens, cows, horses and goats are just a couple of examples. It is normal for families to have dogs but there are homebuyers who cannot stand an all day barking. The fear of living next to a possible troublemaker is another reason not to buy a property with not enough land. Sometimes the house itself is only secondary compared to acreage as a factor when buying a house. 




Homebuyers come in different sizes and categories. Some are just newly-married. There’s also this large family consisting of mom and dad and a large number of children. Retired couples and people who repair and flips houses join the list, too. These backgrounds give homebuyers reasons to buy or not to buy a certain property. Kids need to be close to school. Working parents prefer to live close to where their jobs are located. The convenience of grocery shopping to a nearby store is a must for some. Another consideration is the close proximity to families and friends. They want to maintain the bonds between families to avoid travelling long distances during visitations.




This is one amenity that holds dear to women most especially. Imagine if there is no pantry. You will have to buy lots of Rubbermaid containers. Worse, you will have to construct an addition to the kitchen exclusively for pantry. What if there is no his or hers closet? Or there is only one closet to accommodate for both? The furniture stores will be happy to supply all your needs for storage! But your wallet and checkbook will complain. You will have to buy lots of chest of drawers or a bunch of different types of shelving. If homebuyers are the type that likes to organize their belongings, having lots of closets is a must.



Most of the time, a property sells fast if there is a storage building included as an amenity. This is one of the most favorite amenities for homebuyers. A storage building is like an extension of the house. It is a place to store all your gardening supplies. If the attached garage is loaded with stuffs, then a storage building is a must. It is a guy thing, I would say, to have plenty of vehicle equipment and to have a place to store them is a blast. If you run out of storage space inside the house, it is a cool amenity to have an additional storage outdoor.




Wouldn’t it be nice not to drive in a muddy driveway thick in clay and dirt? What if you’re driving a fancy sports car or a collectible hot rod? Of course, if you have the means you can always pour cement or asphalt in a driveway that is missing this amenity. Sometimes a property has a concrete driveway but it’s got a lot of pot holes. I guess this is better than driving in a mud! Although this is not an amenity of extreme importance, it will be an added bonus if you can find a property with a paved driveway. Not only that, a paved driveway adds elegance to the property. It is like entering your property with style, giving yourself a dramatic entrance to your newly bought property.




8. a flower garden

I am not so sure if I need to include this as an amenity. I have one reason though. I had a friend who is moving to a different state. So she prepped the house to get ready to sell. Aside from painting both the interior and exterior of the house, she made an elaborate flower garden. Not just a small parcel of the land, but enough space for all types of flowers to grow and bloom. As soon as the property was posted in the paper and online, the house sold the very next day! That doesn’t happen all the time. So I believe I have all reasons to include a flower garden as an added amenity. 





If you have any other amenities that need mentioning, you can write something about it. Homebuyers need help in their decision making sometimes. By mentioning all possible amenities that they can look into, they will have a much happier experience in their buying process. You can’t win them all. You may find the perfect house but some amenities are missing. But, hey, later down the road after you get settled, you can always build and construct and add more amenities to your newly bought property.


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