WHAT TYPES OF VALUABLES DO YOU KEEP IN YOUr house? Where do you hide them?


Most people prefer to keep their valuables in the house. The post office offers to keep your valuables for a fee. The banks, too, has features like this. 

What types of valuables do you keep in your house? The most common would be cash, jewelries, passports, mortgage papers, family photos, collections of some kind. Ease of access is the best reason why they are kept in the house.

Robbers are so smart they know where to look for those valuables. Before we become the next victim, we have to outsmart those lazy souls who would rather steal than make an honest living. 

My suggestions will require a little craftsmanship on your side. You don’t have to be an expert carpenter or painter. It is not even expensive. Just a little imagination and minor tools will keep you going.


sneaky places to hide your valuables:

a big round clothes hanger bar is a sneaky place to hide your valuables

hanger bar

Who in their right mind would  suspect some valuables can be hidden in  a hanger bar? Install a big, long bar in your closet. You can hide jewelries, dollar bills, documents.

the attic is a sneaky place to hide your valuables

the attic

The attic is an excellent place to hide your valuables. You just need to look around to find the best possible spot. Be aware  of the temperature in the attic. Make it look chaotic up there. Nobody wants to snoop around a messy attic.

big and fluffy throw pillows are a sneaky place to hide your valuables

throw pillows

Be smart as to what kind of valuables can be hidden in throw pillows. The size and the fluffiness gives you the advantage of hiding anything from dollar bills to jewelries. 

the back of the toilet tank is a sneaky place to hide your valuables


Movies always portray the back of a toilet tank as an excellent hiding spot for some articles like guns or what have you. Surely you can do the same thing with your valuables. 


a used, thick comforter can be a sneaky place to hide your valuables

thick comforter

You need to pick a thick and old comforter to hide your valuables. Again, use your discretion as to what type of valuables you can hide in it. You have the option to either lay the comforter in the bed or fold and keep it in the shelf. Use a sharp scissors or razor knife to slit open the side. Insert your valuable.

a loaded refrigerator is a good hiding place for your valuables

loaded fridge and the back of the fridge

 When you load your refrigerator, use jars or any containers to hide your valuables. Try to disguise and locate those valuables in the very back. Remember the back of a toilet tank? Do the same thing with the back of the fridge. It is a heavy appliance that a thief won’t bother to move or inspect.

a door can be a hiding place for your valuables


Make use of all your doors in the house to hide important valuables. Those doors are thick. You can hire a carpenter to drill or carve out spaces to accommodate whatever valuables you plan to hide. Surely robbers will not think of smashing doors just to check if there are jems hidden in them. Doorframes are additional hiding places, too. One advantage of doorframes is it’s got a ready made hollow spaces. Just nail the doorframe back for a cover.

old paint cans can be perfect hiding places for your valuables

Old paint cans

Don’t throw away those old paint cans. They are a perfect disguise to hide your valuables in the house. Just remember which cans you used. Do not get mixed up.  You can label and use codes only you can recognize. Store them in your closet or utility room. Always keep the can you specified as a special can in the very back. Carefully wrap your valuable that it doesn’t make a sound and give away your secret. Make the can a little heavier so it would look it still got some paint inside.


celing vents or wall vents in all rooms can hide your valuables

house vents

I believe thieves will not waste their time checking each vent in the house. Surely they don’t bring screw drivers just to unscrew vents. Time is of the essence for them. What valuables can you hide up there? Be wise and be smart. Remember to wrap your valuable appropriately.

old worn out rubber shoes are sneaky places to hide your valuables

old rubber shoes

Who would want to steal old, worn out rubber shoes? The older they look, the better. They will still do you good and serve you by using them as hiding places for your valuables. The thicker the sole and appear worn out, more perfect for you. Just remember not to wear the ones you specifically use to hide your valuables. 

a thick area rug is a perfect sneaky place to hide your valuables


Don’t let a thick area rug fool you but it can be a sneaky place to hide valuables. The thicker, the better. Do not place your valuables under it, but inside it. Avoid using an extra expensive looking rug. Make use of an old, worn out looking area rug. Use a very sharp blade or razor knife to slit an opening on the side, wide enough to insert your valuable.

indoor exercise machines are sneaky places to hide your valuables


Not only are those machines good to tone down your body, they are also a sneaky place to hide your valuables. Depending on what kind of machine you have, look for a spot where it is thick. Find the spot where there is a ready made hollow space. Choose a spot where it is not always touched.

a bagged vacuum cleaner is a perfect sneaky place to hide your valuables

bagged vacuum cleaner

Do not use a bagless vacuum cleaner. It will defeat the purpose of hiding something. Preferably use an old fashioned bagged vacuum cleaner. No one will suspect that something valuable is inside the bag. Isn’t it smart?

a fireplace with brick background is a sneaky place to hide your valuables


If it is me, those bricks are a perfect sneaky place to hide my valuables. If you plan to build a fireplace with brick background, plan ahead which spot/s you will use to disguise a hiding spot. Some people have wooden mantels on top of their fireplace. Hire a handyman to carve out special hiding spots in the mantel.

a mirror hanging on the wall is a sneaky place to hide your valuables

back of mirror OR PICTURE FRAMES

This may not be a popular choice but still needs consideration. Most especially if there is a lot of frames in one particular spot of the house. Preferably use an old and ugly mirror so it won’t raise any suspicion.

a stone or brick backsplash in the kitchen is a sneaky place to hide your valuables

KITCHEN backsplash

If you decide you want to use your kitchen as a hiding place for your valuables, look no further than  your backsplash. It would be nice if the spot is in place when it is being put to the wall. But still you can find a way to make your current backsplash work inconspicuously.

What is your favorite sneaky place to hide your valuables?

 All the suggestions here are for your consideration only. It is not for everybody. Adapt or use at your own discretion. If you are not comfortable hiding your valuables in your house, you still have the safety deposit boxes offered by the post office and your banks. 

Be very careful in wrapping your valuables. Use hard and waterproof containers for documents. Smart and careful planning is a necessity. These sneaky places are to confuse any possible robbers from finding the valuables you worked so hard to obtain. Outsmart those thieves before they commit a crime.

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