what is unconditional love? What is love in the first place?

Ahhh! Love. This is the most universal language that everyone on this planet understands. It is a feeling of affection towards something or somebody. For the sake of this article we will discuss the love between human beings. 

What about the meaning of “to love unconditionally”? Wikipedia gave a very clear meaning for it. Unconditional love is a kind of  love without any limitations. Love could be between husbands and wives, between parents and kids, between bestfriends. It could also be between engaged couples, between teachers and students, between a boss and a loyal worker and so forth and so on.

In this article, I would like to describe unconditional love with the help of the word REGARDLESS, the meaning of which is self-explanatory. 


TO SHOW UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, You say ” I love you regardless of your …… ” :


love of pearls and diamonds

Will you be able to afford to buy all kinds of pearls and diamonds? Be sure not to break the bank. Providing these extravagance should not put a hole in your wallet. There are other more practical ways to show your unconditional love.


Sometimes the other person just love to give you presents even if you don’t need or want them. Your loved one might get hurt or offended if you don’t acknowledge his/her effort to show you some affection. Accept the gift and say some words of appreciation.


Are you very particular with table manners? Napkin on your lap, proper placing of forks and knives, proper wine to match the main dish, when to eat dessert, etc., etc., are just a few “rules” you like to adhere to. Don’t speak when mouth is full. What if the other person is not “educated” on this?


How often does your loved one get a ticket for bad driving? When you are the passenger, do you hang on to dear life because of speed? Would you rather drive than to ride “shot gun?” If the driving is so bad, maybe you want to personally teach him/her correct driving procedures. Why not?

unholy working hours 

Do you get suspicious if your spouse come home very late at night? If it is only occasional, he/she must have a valid reason. But if it is happening frequently, then start “investigating.” Give your total support if the reason is justifiable.

being secretive

Being secretive is like a closed book. Sometimes it is hard for somebody to open up. You have to love him/her regardless. Find a way to teach and encourage your loved one to be open and be expressive of himself/herself.

too much expectation

You want your spouse to do this and that, to become like this and that. Most often than not, your spouse fail to come up to your expectation and standard. And you feel disappointed. You just need to give him/her a break. Give some room for improvement. 



How do you dress up and make yourself presentable? Does your spouse of the same caliber when it comes to fashion? Casual attire doesn’t appeal to you. But it is your spouse’s preference. Will you dress him/her up like a doll or are you willing to compromise your tastes?

choice of reading material

This could be a minor issue. But sometimes the other person wants to have a conversation with an entirely different topic.


You have been together for so long. Physical changes are getting apparent and very noticeable: wrinkles and weight gain, for example. Will love stick around longer regardless of “unwanted” transformation?


You have your own likes and dislikes. Same thing with your loved one. More often that not, arguments or confrontations result in differing choices. How do you resolve this?


Have you heard the phrase: you can argue, but argue arguably? People living in a house is faced with a lot of domestic issues. Conduct a conference and bring everybody on the table.

Constant nagging

 Have you listened to a “broken record”? One line of a song is repetitively sung. Same goes with a nagger: constant and repetitive complaining. Will you still feel the love regardless? 

Music choice

You love rock and roll. Your loved one hates it and prefers classical records. Now, how will you remedy this situation? I guess to show your love, you can learn to adapt and like the other person’s choice. 


Mixed marriages are common and normal. Which part of the earth does your spouse come from? You loved your spouse regardless of his/her skin color and cultural background. 

health condition

Do you still remember your vow: “in sickness and in health?” Will you give up on your spouse if he/she develops a heartbreaking disease or illness? Your vow is to stick together “till death do you part.”

sleeping habits

Every person has a unique sleeping pattern. Some sleep early, some late. There are some that take an afternoon nap. And some like to sleep late in the morning. 

 energy level

Are you a very energetic person, always on the go? Do you find it hard to be still? Does your body likes to move around all the time? What if your loved one is your opposite?

point of view 

Let’s admit it, deep inside us lies a slant of prejudice or bias towards anybody or a point of view. What if your loved one would not adhere to your view/s? Will it lead to a heated argument because nobody wants to give in?

choice of habitat

Buying a house is a big decision making that require ample amount of time and energy. This requires a thorough discussion. Lay out the pros and cons. Try to meet in the middle. Find a common ground or denominator.

being opinionated 

This is one characteristic that challenges your temper and persuasion. Your loved one likes to speak out his/her side and most of the time they want to win the case. Will you give way? To keep love in the air, just engage in a casual chat or loving debate without “boiling any blood” or temperature.

 being almost perfect

A person like this puts you on your toes all the time. You check your every move and wonder if it will pass and will please the other person. Study his/her habits and maybe you’ll learn something. You’ll be able to satisfy the desired level of perfection from you.

type of coffee

You might ask why include coffee in the list? Morning hours are critical and depending on how the morning was spent, it will affect the mood for the rest of the day. And coffee is a booster. Each person is entitled to have their own type and flavor of coffee. Smile!

 mood swing 

Unpredictability is like a guessing game. One day there is love in the air, the next day everybody seems to be quiet. And the next day there is fighting. Well it could just be midlife crisis, who knows. But love still needs to abound in the relationship, regardless. Learn patience along the way.

educational attainment

Maybe you have a master’s degree in your portfolio. The quality of your thinking is exceptional. Can you level with someone of inferior educational background? Will you be embarrassed to show and introduce him/her to your colleagues? Will you give your love regardless of the mismatched brain? 


How will you describe your loved one’s temper? Calm? Hot tempered? Easily provoked? Mild mannered and peaceful? Are there moments of collision ending up in a fight? Loving someone regardless of his/her temper requires patience and tact. Always aim to be the peacemaker. 

being forgetful

Anniversary dates I believe is the most common occasion to be neglected and forgotten. What do you do to make up? Do you get down on your knees to apologize? Do you give an oral promissory note, a promise not to forget all occasions? 

you, breaking my heart

Nobody is perfect, this is a fact. Our loved ones break our hearts both knowingly and unknowingly. From simple things to big unwanted actions, it feels as if they don’t care. In reality, open communication is a necessity to avoid pity party all the time.

Hygiene practice

Some people are very particular with hygiene practices. In contrast there are those that don’t care whether they are clean or not. Well you can always train someone to become a clean freak. I guess if you love somebody, their smell won’t bother you a bit!

vocal or verbal pitch

Will it bother you if the person you love is so vocal, speaks his/her mind regardless of how you’ll feel? Too blunt and too frank. This is a better description. If you are hurt, either you hide your feelings or “confront” the other person with love.

vehicle choice

Believe it or not a couple faces a dilemma if each one of them has a particular choice and would not give in. Somebody wants a family vehicle, the other prefers a hot rod. This won’t be a problem if money is not an issue. Each one can buy and drive his/her own vehicle.


pc time length 

Spending too much time in front of a pc makes a spouse jealous or feel neglected. Discuss how you can spend time together either through indoor or outdoor activities. Be reasonable in describing “too much time.” Give each other  “me time” whenever applicable.

Have You Ever Shown Someone Your Unconditional Love?

This article enumerated some personalities, characteristics, attitudes and behaviors of a person. Will you give your unconditional love regardless of a person’s character flaws?

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