Failed New Year’s Resolutions Anyone? How Many Resolutions Did You Have?


Here I am discussing New Year’s resolutions in September, in the latter part of the year. It is my intention to put a reality check on all the resolutions. Is it a success? Did you fail in all of them? 

A resolution is like a goal to reach with determination. It is a promise to yourself to do better and for good. The free Dictionary by Farlex defines resolution as a firm decision to do something.

Unfortunately, most of us succeed only in the beginning. And for some reasons, we just let go and forget the whole thing. 

Let’s take a look at some of those commonly failed resolutions.


 Most Commonly Failed RESOLUTIONS:



Is the weighing scale telling you to do something about your body composition? Maybe you don’t like the number that you see. You immediately went through all the diet regimen available in the market and picked one out. You told yourself you will be good and will stick to it no matter what. January, February went fine. March you started to slack. And guess what, it is September and you totally gave it up. What went wrong? 



So you’ve noticed some bulge everywhere in your body. Time to get serious and head to the gym 3 times a week. Or if you can afford it, buy an all in one machine that allows you to do all kinds of exercises. Your New Year’s resolution is to get fit and to stay fit all year round. Unfortunately, there are so many distractions surrounding you. Most of the time you barely have free time to do exercises. In other words, you allowed those bulge to stay where they are. Sad.

never be late, ever

It is the worst feeling whenever you appear late in all occasions: at work, meet deadlines, job interview, attend recitals, club meetings, etc. You are giving  others a bad impression of yourself. This has got to stop, you told yourself with a firm determination. So you made a goal to “leave early to arrive early”. An alarm clock is positioned right on top of the headboard. Going to bed early is also worth trying, hoping to rise up early. It seemed to be a success in the early months. Old habits are hard to kill. You find yourself always late. Then do something else then that will work!


Bad drivers abound everywhere. Some must have forgotten proper driving procedures. You can’t help it but they really get into your nerves. There are numerous occasions when you almost lost your cool. Whenever you hit traffic, your blood pressure starts to rise. You wished you have never gotten out of your bed. What’s the proper resolution here? “Be cool and stay cool” perhaps. Have your mind get preoccupied with other positive thoughts rather than focusing on bad drivers around you. Maybe listen to podcasts or music cd and sing along while driving. January was a success. But the following months you find yourself getting angry again. Avoid a fight!

be done with cussing

According to, cussing is the use of profanity, swear or curse. In simpler term, cussing is the use of bad language. A plain habit or not, you want to stop cussing because it could be irritating to someone listening. Think before you speak is a big part of this resolution. Some movies and television shows use cussing as part of their lines. Maybe you want to avoid watching those? If this is a part of your everyday language, maybe reminding yourself of the resolution will help to avoid and bite your tongue. During the early part of the year you were successful in cleaning up your speech/language. Somehow you found yourself cussing again. Why?



How many times last year that you forgot to send a card or greet someone a happy birthday, or happy anniversary or happy valentine or happy mother/father’s day? And how many times you received a silent treatment or argument just because you forgot to buy a flower or a present? So to avoid that from happening again and again, you made a conscious effort to write down all special dates. You may also use your cellphone’s feature of reminding you of appointments. It gives you a good feeling to make someone happy because you remembered their special dates. However, like old habits that are hard to kick, you keep forgetting. Well, there’s another year to make this a New Year’s resolution again.

early to bed, early to rise

You have the habit of staying up late at night. And you like to stay in bed longer in the morning hours to make up for the lost sleep. But you are aware this is not good health wise. This habit is making you unproductive. You develop mood swings. For your sake you made a resolution to make it a clockwork to go to bed at a decent hour so you can get up in a very decent hour, too, in the morning. From January till August, you have disciplined yourself successfully. But here you are again, going to bed almost close to the morning hour. You failed in other words, to keep your bed routine. It is never too late to start all over again.

keep a clean house

Not all people are clean freaks. Some hire housecleaners weekly. There are others who prefer to do the cleaning themselves. For the past year or so, you have neglected the cleanliness indoor. You’ve gotten so lazy mopping the floor. The dusts are accumulating everywhere. There are clutters everywhere. But you have come to your senses and made a resolution to make the house tide and in order. The first few months seem to be a success. You have a regular routine for house work. But lately, you’ve gotten lazy again. You don’t mind watching those dusts and cobwebs make home indoor. Failed big time!

be a better spouse

After many months and years together, there’s a tendency for each spouse to get too comfortable that each one forgets consistency. For example, the husband might have ignored opening the car door for the wife. Maybe the wife stays in bed longer that she lets the husband prepare his own breakfast. They used to talk about dreams in life together. If you feel guilty then this is a top priority for a New Year’s resolution. So how are you doing so far?



How do you like your job? What kind of productivity you contribute for the company’s success? If your conscience is bothering you, the next year should pose a challenge to give your max at the job. If you have made this resolution a while back, what’s your current analysis of your performance? A failure doesn’t mean giving up. Just keep trying. Who knows a promotion can be found at the end of the tunnel!


There are times people choose to be kind to some particular fellow human beings. They ignore others who don’t satisfy their palate, so to speak. If this is your resolution, how are you doing so far? Is there still some prejudice lurking somewhere? Do you find yourself having a hard time dealing with people you dislike? If you failed this resolution this year, make it a top resolution for next year. How about that?


keep track of expenses

It is very tempting to make purchases online and at a physical store. Bills are piling up high on your desk. Everyday expenses are getting out of hand. How do you know if you have sufficient funds in your checking account? Do you keep track of every single penny that goes out of the window? Maybe the chore of manually recording expenses is too daunting. Even with the help of the computer, you’re too lazy to spend time recording. So you made this a resolution: keep track of all expenses. It is almost the end of the year, what’s your progress so far? Failed? Maybe you just need to adapt a more feasible way of recording. Keep trying.

limit the number of dining out, cook at home

Admit it, who wants to cook if you can just dial for a meal delivered right at your doorstep? Or you are surrounded with so many food eateries, you don’t know which one to dine at first. Eating out puts a dent in your wallet. Unfortunately, eating out also means consuming all unnecessary calories and fats in your system. Did you put this at the top of your New Year’s resolutions for this year? Did you sacrifice cooking at home? Were you able to spend family time together when dining at home? It will be fun to learn how to cook and adapt new recipes each time. Cooking at home means you’ll be able to check the quality of food. This is a very hard resolution to put in reality.



We have grown so much accustomed to texting that we begin to adapt it more than socializing in person. Even the members of families in a home, they may be together but they are apart because each one does his/her own thing (thanks to all the gadgets). If this is one of your resolutions, you might find it hard to socialize more in person because you need to literally put down/hide cellphones and laptops and tablets and what have you. What will you do to succeed in this resolution?

keep yard cut and tidy

There are reasons why keeping the lawn or exterior property clean and tidy becomes a chore. Mention the weather, it could be extremely hot to do anything physical outdoor. You wanted to do something else rather than cutting the yard. The more you procrastinate cutting the grass, the more possibility it won’t be done. Maintaining your properties look can be at the very bottom of your resolutions list. Still it is a good idea to put it in your back burner. Look at your yard: how does it look? Congratulations if you are satisfied. That means you are keeping up with your resolution. If not, get out there and push the mower. LOL

excel in physical and mental activities

This could be a resolution number one for all students. Actually, this should be a resolution for everybody, for all of us. When we start to age, it doesn’t mean giving up on getting physically and mentally active. We need to find activities that will help us succeed here. What ways did you adapt to be physically and mentally active? Membership in a fitness club, solve puzzles everyday, read informative articles, join marathons, enroll in higher learning are just some possible activities one can adapt. If this is one of your resolutions and it is September, what is your score?


When was the last time you read the Bible in its entirety from Genesis to Revelation? Your conscience keeps reminding you to specify a time for it. Somehow you just can’t get to it. Distractions maybe one culprit. You have this as a resolution before maybe. But you keep failing to fulfill it. Accountability is one good measure you spend time reading the Bible. Discipline and determination is another way. Asking the Holy Spirit to convict you will be your best motivation to succeed. And it is never too late to start anytime. Don’t let it accumulate dusts. Take the Bible out of your drawer and start reading.


Is it too late to fulfill your new year’s resolutions?

As long as you are alive and kicking, nothing is too late to accomplish. Whatever month it was that you failed, try it again the next day, or the next month. You don’t have to wait for January to come and begin from there. 

Adapt a resolution that is accompanied by feasible and practical activities. Don’t give yourself some sort of punishment just to fulfill a resolution. Make it fun and give yourself a pat in the back for any successes. 

If you are in the process of writing a material, pick one topic above and expound on it. You may have some other resolutions not mentioned here. You can use that for your topic in your blog.

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