Summary of Niches, Topics and Ideas

This website has been posting helpful ideas for aspiring writers as well as for seasoned writers. Here you’ll find a load of raw materials for a post or blog. Before I proceed farther, I would like to get a recap of all the niches/topics I have published so far. It doesn’t contain questionnaires or starter points like I have been doing from the past publications. It is a list in numerical order. It will be very handy to get back to time and time again. I have mentioned before that it is an honor on my part if this website will get you started to pursue a rewarding career in writing.

No matter where you are in this world, you can join freelancing. Don’t allow language barrier to stop you. If you have a current job, you can always write on the side. If you know how to communicate, you know how to express yourself, then that is all you need. You can write as well. The only difference? You don’t speak with your mouth, you let your pen and paper do the talking. And the whole world will be happy to hear from you. You have an endless number of audience who would love to hear your story. So, what are you waiting for: Pick a topic and WRITE!!!


a. what can you write about? ANYTHING!

     1. Start With You, Yourself

     2. Your Better Half, Husband or Wife

     3. Being Single

     4. Married Life

     5. The Wedding

     6. Living With Children

     7. Parenting



        8. Divorced

        9. A Senior, An Old Man/Woman

      10. A Beggar, Homeless

      11. Cancer Survivor

      12. A  Rich Person, Real Filthy Rich

      13. Barely Making It

      14. A Student



        15. I Live In The City

        16. I Live In An Upscale Condo, In A Mansion, A Palace

        17. I live In  A Boat

        18. I Live In Jail, In Prison

        19. I Live Out Of The Country



        20. Became A Born-Again Believer

        21. Received A Driver’s License, And Drove First Car

        22. Birth Of First Born Child

        23. Overseas Trip

        24. Job Promotion

       25. First Time Homebuyer

       26. College Freshman


there YOU GO! pick and choose your topic.


In my future blogs, I will have more topics to choose from. Questionnaires and starter points will accompany each title. And like I always say, you don’t have to go by them. They are just to stir a pot of stew. Most of the time you don’t know where and how to start your post. It helps to get a hint sometimes. And that is what this website is all about. To tickle your brain, to show an overall panorama of the outcome of your post, to lead the way if you can’t right away.


Two scoops of Ice cream is my form of relief after I complete my draft. After that, I proof read my material. Once satisfied, I am ready to click PUBLISH. Bam!


Be sure to come back. Get fresh topics each time. Bookmark my site: See yah!





4 thoughts on “Niches, Topics and Ideas for Your Blog Part 1

    • This is the first summary of all upcoming topics to write about. Sometimes it is easier to look at a list in a numerical form. Easier to see everything at a glance.

    • It is an excellent idea to do some brainstorming on which topic to write about. And the process gets easier if you are able to narrow down the choices to 1 or 2. Hope this list helps you in your decision making.

  1. You are all welcome to pick and choose which topic you would like to write about. Every week I publish new materials for blogging purposes. Be sure to come visit regularly.

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