I am Josefa Rines, married to a Christian southerner and a full time homemaker. I don’t have any children of my own. I am a Filipina, born and raised in the Philippines. English is not my native tongue. During my high school days I had English as my elective subject. Since then I fell in love with English literature and grammar. I have a fascination with English poetry, too. Although I can’t compose one. I just like the sound of it. I don’t have a degree in Journalism. That shouldn’t disqualify me from writing. Bragging aside, I graduated with a degree in Marketing. I worked in sales for 2 years, on and off. I never liked it. Due to economic reasons I worked overseas as a domestic helper/nanny. I worked in Hongkong for 10 years. It was there I met the Lord Jesus Christ. I accepted Him as my Lord and personal Savior. I moved to Waterloo, Belgium and worked there for 2 years. And finally entered the US where I met my beloved husband.

Writing has been in the back of my head forever. I am guilty of procrastination. I finally threw the towel down and told myself it is time. So that’s how this website came about. I finally got serious in joining freelancing. Since English is not my native language, I will see to it that after writing my draft, I will proofread several times. I will need to be sure I make my point across.


write about what

I came up with a list of topics to write about. I like to use that for a website’s name, too: Write About What. It doesn’t hurt to publish my list on the web. I thought it might help aspiring writers to get out of their hole and start writing. I adapted a question and answer style to accompany each topic. It is not a guide. It will help facilitate some brainstorming on how to start a paragraph or even end the entire article. You don’t have to follow it to the tee. My goal is to show where one could possibly start. The body will depend on how you want to proceed with the flow. And the ending depends on your discretion. Originality is the name of the game.

You may be a homemaker, a plain joe, you are qualified to join the writing world. Do you have a story to tell? Do you know how to communicate and express yourself? That is all you need. The only difference is you let the pen and paper do the talking instead of your mouth. Don’t let anything stop you from joining this field. The world wide web is open to anyone who’s willing to express themselves. 

Writers need a lot of materials to write about. I will publish my list twice a week so be sure to check in regularly. Pick and choose any topic that interests you. The topic that you choose will require your art and craftsmanship to complete and publish it. After I’m done sharing my list, then I can start on writing about each one of them. Bookmark my site,  add it to your favorites so you’ll have a handy list of topics whenever you run out of ideas. HAPPY WRITING!!!!